Between the years 1953 and 1982, Topolski printed by hand over 2,300 of his drawings made on the spot to create his broadsheet Chronicles. The Chronicles are full of comment and observation about the people, politics, and events of the time, beginning with the presidential election in the United States in 1956 and continuing all the way through the Labour Party Shadow Cabinet in the years leading up to their election victory in 1964. Over 2,000 subscribers from all over the world, including museums, universities, libraries, and private collections, received copies of it after it was published.

The Topolski Studio

The Topolski Studio's Election Chronicle provides coverage of a variety of electoral battlegrounds, including the Green insurgency in Bristol and Norwich, UKIP's campaign to take South Thanet, and Labour's battle against the Liberal Democrats in Bermondsey and Old Southwark, to name just a few. They created a truly one-of-a-kind drawn record of the 2015 General Election by following the issues and events of the national campaign to local activists canvassing door to door and getting people out to vote on election day. At Topolski Studio, the exhibition of their work was open from Friday the 11th of December 2015 through Tuesday the 15th of December 2015.

A Chronicle of the Election

Drawing was the medium that was used by Topolski Studio in collaboration with nine young artists to report on the General Election of 2015 and its aftermath. The artists, all of whom had participated in the Studio's Residency Program in the past, captured the highs and lows of the campaign while working together to produce, hand-print, and distribute a special edition of the "Election Chronicle." The "Election Chronicle" is a broadsheet of reportage drawings chronicling the politics of the twenty-first century, just as the artist Feliks Topolski did of the politics of the twentieth century. At the exhibition, there will be hard copies of the most recent Chronicle available for purchase.

This is the Haringey Chronicle.

Topolski Studio collaborated with students from Haringey Sixth Form College, ages 16 to 19, to produce an illustrated creative writing Chronicle. Topolski Studio was responsible for the project.

Haringey Unchained was founded by a group of students at Haringey Sixth Form Centre in Tottenham, London, as part of the school's Enrichment Programme. The group's objective was to highlight the creative abilities of students at the school.


Workshops were held with the young people throughout 2014 and 2015 at the Studio to help them develop their artistic skills and come up with designs for the illustrations they would be creating. As a component of this program, a class of students participated in a workshop at Topolski Studio, which was led by one of the Studio's Fellows. The students were then assisted by the Topolski Studio staff in the process of editing and printing a Chronicle of their work on our printing press.


They intend to educate their community through the dissemination of their creative ideas, bringing to the foreground the critical and creative consciousness of a vibrant school located in a deprived part of London. They are making an effort to provide a platform for their community, giving the space to those individuals whose work might not be seen or read in any other setting.