Topolski Studio

Program for Residents of the Chronicle

Between the years 1953 and 1982, Topolski printed by hand over 2,300 of his drawings made on the spot to create his broadsheet Chronicles.


The Chronicles are full of comment and observation about the people, politics, and events of the time period. They cover a wide range of topics, from the coronation of the Queen to the plight of war refugees and street scenes in London. Over 2,000 subscribers from all over the world, including museums, universities, libraries, and private collections, received copies of it after it was published.

During this time, they participated in reportage drawing, Masterclasses, printing and distributing the Chronicle in the surrounding community, as well as holding workshops and exhibitions.

During the years 2013, 2014, and 2016, six young people between the ages of 18 and 25 made work two days a week for the duration of the Residency.

Amanda Jenkins, Vice Dean at Camberwell College of Art, University of Arts London, carried out an external evaluation of the project. She came to the conclusion that "[Topolski Studio planned and implemented] a very thorough and well structured programme of events that provide participants with appropriate challenges and opportunities of self-development... The interviews with the Residents revealed that they regarded the Residency as an experience that was both extremely beneficial and extremely well-structured.

During their three-month Residencies

During their three-month Residencies, Topolski Studio and the University of the West of England's Reportager provide training for young people who are not currently enrolled in school, employed, or receiving training.

They will be able to work together to produce, distribute, and exhibit a Chronicle during their time at the Residency. The Chronicle will be a broadsheet of reportage drawings chronicling contemporary issues of the twenty-first century, similar to what the artist Feliks Topolski did with the issues of the twentieth century.

Drawings for the Reportage

The Chronicle for the Twenty-First Century by Topolski Studio is a drawing-based publication that reports on local issues and events. The artists document the things that are important to the community by drawing everything from street scenes to community events. In doing so, they bring attention to problems and events that are local to the community but are not always considered to be of relevance by other forms of media. The Residents are encouraged to be artistically innovative by using the Chronicle as an intervention in current drawing practices and by using print as a strategy for social and political engagement. Additionally, the Residents are encouraged to use the Chronicle as an intervention in current drawing practices.


The young people are provided with the resources and support necessary to draw on location in community settings. In 2013, the Residents dealt with issues such as gentrification in Brixton, Elephant and Castle, and the Olympic site; food poverty at a Food Bank in Bermondsey; immigration and asylum by reporting on cases at the Royal Courts of Justice and issues raised in the chamber of the House of Commons; and food poverty at a Food Bank in Bermondsey.


In addition, the Residents visited the Olympic site. They also reported on the anti-fracking demonstrations that took place in Balcombe and the Remembrance Day ceremonies that were held in Trafalgar Square. The young people covered a variety of events for the 2014 Program, including the Invictus Games at the Olympic Park, the Notting Hill Carnival, and World War I Centenary events.


The year 2016 had the theme of "Britishness," and it featured events such as Oktoberfest, the Pearly Kings and Queens' Harvest Festival, Black History Month in Brixton, drag queens at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and a variety of other events at various locations around London with contrasting atmospheres.